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Family legacy

Bodegas JER is a family business, dedicated to the world of wine and is now working in the third generation of the family.

The origin of this company dates back to 1954 when Javier Cantera Cañas built the first winery with the capacity to produce twenty thousand liters of wine in Azofra, a village located in La Rioja Alta. Javier Cantera Corcuera, the son of the founder, continued the families work and in 2000 moved part of the machinery to Huércanos, creating the firm BODEGAS JER. Since then it has been equipped with more space and sufficient infrastructures to make wines of quality and to create wines in barrels. The current number of barrels is 524.

Ten years ago, Eva Cantera, part of the third generation, began working side by side in all the activities of the winery, acquiring new knowledge day by day resulting from the continuous and diverse work that is generated in the production and marketing of the winery.



The family own the vineyards in the region of Alto Najerilla and is aged between 40-60 years. The vines on this land are tempranillo grapes, garnachas and viura. Alto Najerilla is a land consistent with hills that intersect and slopes with various orientations and terraces and has a contintental and Mediterranean climate. The average height of the vineyards is 600 meters above sea level. In this land wine has been made since the Middle Ages.

The soil

The soil in which the grape plants grow are clay-calcareous alluvial with boulders. There are small plots of old vineyards where we pick the garnacha grape that are difficult to access by tractor. There is little production of these vineyards whose grapes now have great complexity to its structure due to the old age of the plant.

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