A way of making Europe

With the goal of being more efficient each day, we have carry out some operations taking the advantage that diferent organisations have offered.

With the help of InnoCámaras we have been able to realize an improvement in the environmental sostenibility of our processes:
«Bodegas Jer has been beneficiary of European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to promote research, technologycal development and innovation. Thanks to it we have improved the compressed air system in wine elaboration, the inverter air conditioning system and the recycling water system used in wine fermentation to regulate temperature. This program was made to support the creation and growth of innovative companies. 18/01/2021. For that purpouse it has relay on the support of InnoCámaras programm of the Chamber of Commerce of La rioja.»

«Program supported by the European Regional Development Fund. A way of making Europe.»