Red wine: Tempranillo 100%
Rosé wine: Garnacha and viura
White wine: Viura 100%

Red wine
This wine is fresh and can be consumed daily with lunch and dinner. It has an intense ruby red-colour and has fruity aroma typical to the area of the grapes. Its medium body makes the wine easy to drink with all dishes due to its complimentary flavour and structure.
13% vol.

It is a fruity young wine typically made in the Najerilla River area. The wine presents a pale orange colour and is very bright. Its aroma is fresh and floral and in the mouth it is light and tasty. Thanks to the white grape we can appreciate its hidden acidity.
12,5% vol.


It is a young fruity wine with a straw-yellow colour that is very bright. The aroma has honey-infused, fruity and herbal notes which is characteristic in the first months of the year due to its youth. In the mouth it is fresh and tasty with a balanced acidity.
12,5% vol.

Commercial presentation

Bordeaux bottle 0.75 liters
Bag in box 15 liters and 5 liters