Thaler de Plata 2015

Garnacha 2015

International Wine Challenge 2018Bronze medal
Tim Atkin90 points
Andreas Larsson Blind Tasting 201989 points
New York International Wine 2019 Bronze medal
89 points


D.O.Ca. Rioja


In the glass, the wine displays a beautiful cherry red color with blue hues. It has a neat aroma where the red fruit prevails over  a menthol background. In the mouth it is friendly, with sweet tannin. It is a juicy, round wine that hides properly the alcoholic graduation. It is perfect to maridate with red meat or reallly acidic meals.
It should be served between 15 and 18ºC, noticing there are dregs in the bottom of the bottle, therefore it should be decanted before drinking.


Thaler de Plata is elaborated with garnacha grapes from centenarian vineyards, at plots of land at 545 meters above the sea level, in La Rioja Alta by the Najerilla river basin. After a manual harvest of the grapes, they are destemmed and later fermented and macerated in a steel tank at a regulated temperatura for 17 days. After that, the wine is moved to new barrels where a second fermentation is made. Later, the wine is removed from the barrels to get rid of any impurity that may have poured and could be responsible of negative hint. Barrels are cleaned and prepared to contain the wine for six months. After multiple wine tastes for several weeks appreciating the touches that the wood has been giving to the wine, we finnally decide to take the wine out of the barrel into a tank to settle. Nine months later, it is bottled without clarification nor filtration and the wine continues to rest in the bottle.

Thaler de Plata has only been elaborated in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2015. This is so because solely in this years the ideal circumstances have occured. Attention has to be paid  to many facts as the year climatology, the vineyard, rainfall during haverst …


Alcoholic degree 14,5%
pH 3.33
Total acidity 7.9 gr./l
Sugar 0.4 gr./l

Please, note you should give it time after opening the bottle so the wine can express all the diferent notes that it has.

“We elaborated this wine in 2005 and 2006 nature allowed us to repeat this elaboration in 2015.
We have stored some samples from 2005 in the winery and when we open one of those bottles, an explosion of aromas and different tastes are suddenly exposed.
We’re very proud of this wine.”

Eva Cantera Rioja,
director and enologue in Bodegas JER