To our people, in Covid-19 times

From Bodegas Jer we want to wish you the best.
Thanks to those like you, who trust in small companies, we can keep going on. Thank you for having the time for visiting us, buying our wines and vermouth and continuing to encouraging us to carry on with our determination.
Now it is our turn to cheer you up, wish you strength and a can-do spirit. This weekend has hit my nerve to read one of the many sentences that surround us these days and I want to share it with you:<< Look back and learn, look forward and plan.>>
We come every day to the winery to keep taking care of our wines, which are living beings and can’t be have free will, because of the microorganisms that live in them. Here, we are lucky enough to watch nature going on: Rabbits running from us early in the morning when we arrive,-they are always eating buds from the vines. Ravens resting in the black poplars by the basin of the Yalde river, watching and greeting us with their cawings… Later, birds start to sing and fly around while falcons and eagles impose their control…
We want make you feel what we feel through our words, we know you love our surroundings but don’t you worry, it will be here waitings patiently for you…
Best regards from Javier and Eva, from Bodegas JER.